Edward Field

Kabuli Days: Travels in Old Afghanistan

Kabuli Days: Travels in Old Afghanistan (2008) (Memoir)

Stand Up With Me: Edward Field Reads His Poems (2010)

Donna Hilbert

The Green Season – Extended February 2012 Release

The Green Season: Poems and Stories

Dave Newman

Please Don't Shoot Anyone Tonight

Please Don’t Shoot Anyone Tonight (2010) (Novel)

Leeanne McIlroy Langton

A Degree of Commitment: A Freshman's Guide to College Success

A Degree of Commitment: A Freshman’s Guide to College Success (2010) (Academic Success)

Regina Nervo

Horizon’s Pocket (2011) (Poetry)

Dibakar Barua

The Womb of Memory

The Womb of Memory (2008) (Poetry)

Elizabeth Young
Witness (2010) (Poetry)

Rafael Zepeda
Tao Driver and Selected Poems

Tao Driver and Selected Poems (2009)

Sam Pierstorff

Growing Up in Someone Else’s Shoes (2009) (Poetry)

E.A. Day
The Macki-Bald Inn
The Macki-Bald Inn (2010) (Young Adult Novel)

Lyn Lifshin

All the Poets Who Have Touched Me (2011) (Poetry)

Michael Buckley

Miniature Men: Selected Stories (2011)

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