Tennessee Reed began writing as a child. To date she has published 335 pages of poetry, contained in four collections. Her first poetry collection, Circus in the Sky (I. Reed Books, 1988), was published when she was eleven years old. These poems were written between the ages of five and eleven (Kindergarten-5th grade). The poems in her second book of poetry, Electric Chocolate (Raven’s Bones Press, 1990), were written between the ages of eleven and thirteen (6th-7th grades). Her third poetry book, Airborne (Raven’s Bones Press, 1996), was written from ages thirteen through nineteen (8th grade through her sophomore year of college). Her fourth and fifth books, City Beautiful and Animals & Others, are combined in a new collection, City Beautiful, Poems 1998-2006, published in Fall, 2006, by Ishmael Reed Publishing Company. These poems were written from her junior year in college into 2006. Her poetry has also appeared in the San Francisco Examiner, Quilt magazine, the California State Library Foundation Bulletin, Poetry USA #25 & 26, The Raven Chronicles, Konch magazine, and in the anthology, From Totems to Hip Hop, edited by Ishmael Reed (Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2003).



 New and Selected Poems (2011) (Poetry)

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